• Caliban & Lionheart • Nürnberg • Hirsch

  • Di, 04.12.2018 ab 19:30 Uhr
  • Der Hirsch
    Vogelweiherstrasse 66
    90441 Nuremberg
Caliban & Lionheart • Nürnberg • Hirsch - Der Hirsch - Nürnberg

Einlass: 18:30 Uhr | Beginn: 19:30 Uhr | StehplätzeSpecial Guest: Bad OmensHeavyweights CALIBAN aren’t interested in genres or being pigeonholed at this point. They’ve moved on. Butas an integral part of the early modern metal scene in Europe—full-lengths Vent (2001), Shadow Hearts(2003), and The Opposite from Within (2004) cemented the Germans as must-hear, must-see talent—the tagwas vouchsafed by fan and press alike upon CALIBAN’s crushing, breakdown-driven music. Now, more than adecade later, the attributes of modern metal persist within the Essen-based quintet’s music, but CALIBAN’ssignature sound is informed by a more diverse set of influences. New album, Elements, is proof that theGermans are growing beyond the borders of the genre.“Elements is a logical progression from the last album [Gravity],” says CALIBAN guitarist Marc Görtz. “But wedefinitely expanded the range of music [we wanted to incorporate] on Elements. It’s going in extremelydifferent directions. It’s heavier, but also more melodic. Also, Andy [Dörner] is doing all the vocals—harsh andclean—on the new album.”Written over early summer through the fall of 2017, the main components of Elements took more time tocomplete due Görtz and CALIBAN’s exacting standards. The guitarist/songwriter says he didn’t really listen toother music while writing Elements. As a result, there are no defining or obvious influences coming intoElements that weren’t, say, on Gravity. It’s just CALIBAN, broader in scope, heavier in tone, and moremelodic overall.“I started in early summer, writing the first couple riffs,” Görtz remembers. “But that’s not really considereda songwriting session. I constantly collect ideas. Then, I put them together, one after another, until they forma full song. I really try to not listen to too much music while I’m writing a new album. So, I guess there’s notone or two bands that I could mention as influences on Elements.”As with previous releases, CALIBAN invited a host of guests to appear on Elements. Long-time friends Matthifrom Nasty and Sebastian “Sushi” Biesler from Eskimo Callboy added vocals to “Ich blute für Dich,” as did ThyArt Is Murder’s Chris “CJ” McMahon, whose growls can be heard on “Before Later Becomes Never.” But thebiggest surprise was the addition of Brian “Head” Welch, who added his unique voice to the pounding yet epic“Masquerade.”“We always enjoy having other people on our album because it creates a totally different vibe,” says Görtz.“They add something very special to our music. We’ve known CJ for quite some time. Same with Matthi andSushi. With Brian it was different. We all grew up with the music he was doing. He was very important to meas a guitar player. I started playing guitar because of Brian. It’s really a childhood dream to have worked withhim. Having him on Elements is amazing.”Lyrically, Elements tackles the pressure of life in modern-day society. From love and hate to hope anddespair, songs like opener “This is War,” “I Am Fear,” “Delusion,” “Sleepers Awake,” and the German-titled“Ich blute für Dich” express where CALIBAN’s heads are at in 2018. That these emotions are given symbolicvalues is something that makes perfect sense on Elements.“We used the elements Earth, Air, Fire, and Water as symbols for realization, ideas, power, and emotion,”Görtz explains. “These symbols inspire us to continue to do what we love the most, which is to create,evolve, and be inspired by our music. And these elements directly correspond to the cover art, which wasdone by Marcel Gadacz (Dream On, Dreamer). He did the art for Gravity, so we’re happy to have him back.”For Elements, CALIBAN brought back long-time collaborator—going all the way back to 2007’s The Awakening—and studio wizard Benny Richter to co-produce with Görtz at his Nemesis Studios. CALIBAN also hired onGermany-based Andy Posdziech (Any Given Day) and buddy Sebastian ‘Sushi’ Biesler, as well as AustraliabasedCallan Orr (Dream On, Dreamer) to assist in the recording process. Elements was mixed by Görtz andmastered by Olman Viper, whose repertoire includes previous CALIBAN albums I Am Nemesis (2012), GhostEmpire (2014) and Gravity (2016).“The production on Elements was pretty different,” says Görtz. “The instrumental side of the production wasproduced by me, Andy, and Callan. Then, Benny and myself worked on fine-tuning the music. The vocals,however, were produced by Benny, with Sushi acting as a vocal coach. We wanted Benny to focus on thevocals and the vocal production. Getting them right was very important to us.”CALIBAN’s next steps are prepping for the live dates that will follow the release of Elements, getting out onthe road to perform new tracks like “Intoxicated,” “Set Me Free,” “My Madness,” and “This Is War.” Be ready,CALIBAN and Elements are coming for you!By Chris DickKingstar präsentiert: Caliban & Lionheart