• 18 Years of Mangotree Sound w/ Supersonic Sound (Berlin)

  • Fr, 05.10.2018 ab 22:30 Uhr
  • Club Fogon
    klingenhofstrasse 56
    90411 Nuremberg
18 Years of Mangotree Sound w/ Supersonic Sound (Berlin) - Club Fogon - Nürnberg

💯🇯🇲 18TH ANNIVERSARY of MANGOTREE SOUND 🇯🇲💯Special Guest: Supersonic Sound (Berlin) ▪️ DANCEHALL ▪️ REGGAE ▪️ DUBPLATES ▪️ AND MORE ▪️ 💃🏾 SPECIAL 2nd FLOOR ► Reggaeton Latin Urban💃🏾▪️ YARD VIBES Special Edition: MANGOTREE 18TH ANNIVERSARY @ Club Fogon / NBG ▪️WOW! Mangotree wird volljährig. Der landesweit am wildesten gefeierte Sound-Geburtstag geht in die 18te Runde. Zu Gast ist niemand geringeres als SUPERSONIC SOUND aus Berlin. Sie selbst feiern dieses Jahr bereits ihren 20ten Sound-Geburtstag. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!All to know about Supersonic Sound:It all started with a pack of mix cds named Supersonic in the summer of 1998 that Panza (selector), Supersonic’s head honcho released all by himself. By that time he was not even thinking aboutrunning a soundsystem, dub cutting, participating in soundclashes or touring the world. He just wanted to share his new found love for reggae and dancehall music through his mixes. Things started to develop and Panza soon saw himself selecting at various clubs in his hometown Berlin where he met Spider (mc) the following year. The two played their first gigs together and became the core of the soundsystem as it still exists today. Since Spider spent several years of his childhood in Trinidad and grew up listening to reggae he was destined to become the mc for the sound. Later that year both linked up with Uzi, a soundclash enthusiast and tape collector who took care of sound fx and administrative issues. In 2001 Sonic won the much acclaimed “Kill Or Be Killed” newcomer clash and instantly gained ground among the German soundclash fraternity. The sound became a force to be reckoned with, toured all over Germany, played major festivals and participated in soundclashes. The mixes got spread worldwide and Supersonic was in demand both home and abroad. The real breakthrough in the clash arena came with “Riddim Clash 2004” where Supersonic buried three opponents at Munich’s Muffathalle. At this point there was no holding back and Supersonic became one of Europe’s leading forces in soundclash. By 2005 Supersonic recruited Danny Fyah, former mc on Fire Sound from Dresden who startedsupporting Spider on the mic at various juggling dances. Only one year later it was Jr. Blender, the remix icon from Hamburg who joined the crew as a new selector. He was the perfect addition toPanza and pushed the sound in new directions while his productions skills paved the way for future milestones. He is also one of the creative masterminds behind the successful So Shifty project that came to prominence in 2009. With almost ten years in the business and a growing interest in own productions it was just a question of time before Supersonic would release their own selection. By 2007 the first riddim selection named “Devils Angel” got released with international recording artists such as Bunji Garlin, Luciano, Natural Black and Junior Kelly just to name a few.Internationally Supersonic made a mark in Gambia in 2008 and gained lots of new followers and please long time fans while on tour throughout the country. The following year it was time for thesophomore selection called “Message To You Rudie” produced by Blender, who created an homage to the good old days of rocksteady. The line-up featured Bunji Garlin, his wife Fay-AnnLyons, General Degree, Mojo Morgan and Marlon Asha among others. On top of that Supersonic played in Brooklyn, New York for the first time and had the crowd in frenzy at “Global Clash”.The custom built Super C was the tune for the night and Supersonic took home another trophy. Only one year later Supersonic defeated Mighty Crown in Holland at “War Ina East” in Club Atak. In both 2010 and 2011 Supersonic successfully toured Japan, on the return trip alongside Yardbeat and L.P. International. During their trips to the Far East Supersonic played major citiessuch as Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kobe and many more. On the production side Supersonic came across with the third release entitled “Knock Out Riddim” again produced by Junior Blender. Themuch acclaimed dancehall riddim featured Ward 21, Degree, of course Bunji Garlin and many others.Supersonic soundclash track record:“Kill Or Be Killed 2001” Supersonic vs. Sentinel vs WadaDa vs Budadub (won)“The Fight For Glory 2003” Supersonic vs. Soundquake (lost)“Universal 45 Clash 2004” Supersonic vs. Freddie Krueger vs. Jah Sound vs. Dreadbeat (lost)“Riddim Clash 2004” Supersonic vs. Sound Trooper vs. Freddie Krueger vs. One Love (won)“Riddim Clash 2005” Supersonic vs. LP Intl. vs. Caveman vs. Immortal (lost)“Jamaican Bashment 2 2006” Supersonic vs. One Love (won)“Soundclash N’ Direct 2006” Supersonic vs. Heartical (won)“Kenya Clash 2006” Supersonic vs. L.P. Intl. vs. King Turbo vs. Shashamane (won)“Universal Clash 2007” Supersonic vs. Young Hawk (lost)“War Ina East 2007” Supersonic vs. Soundquake - The Rematch (won)“War Ina East 2009” Supersonic & Sentinel vs. Poison Dart & Tek 9 (won)“Global Clash 2009 – Welcome To The Garrison” Supersonic vs. Black Kat vs. Yardbeat vs. Synemax vs. Tek 9 (won)“War Ina East 2010” Supersonic vs. Mighty Crown (won)“Global Clash 2010” Supersonic vs. King Addies vs. Black Kat vs. Yardbeat vs. Rootsman (robbed)“World Invasion Warzone 2011” Supersonic vs. King Addies – The Rematch (won)“War Territory 4 2011” Supersonic vs. Bass Odyssey (lost)“Global Clash 2011 – Sudden Death” Supersonic vs King Addies vs. Synemax vs. Barrier Free vs. Kosmik Movement (lost)“King Of Europe 2013” Supersonic vs. Herb-A-Lize It (won)“Keep It Real Clash 2013” Supersonic vs. Komposti vs. Jugglerz (won)“Caribbean Cup Clash 2013” Supersonic vs. X-Caliber Intl. (won) "The Halloween Slaughter 2013" Supersonic vs. Riddem Force vs. Young Hawk vs. One Don vs. Orijahnal Vibes (won)Über YARD VIBES:YARD VIBES ist eine Partyreihe von MANGOTREE SOUND aus Nürnberg, bei der - wie in JAMAICA üblich - ein Team bestehend aus DJ und MC verschiedene Musikstile wie Dancehall, Reggae, Soca, Afrobeats oder Bass Music aus aller Welt zu einem extrem tanzbaren und wilden Partymix vereinen und diesen dabei am Mic begleiten. Das Ergebnis ist ein einzigartiger Dialog zwischen dem Publikum und den DJs. Wer einen Song so gut findet, dass er ihn noch einmal hören möchte, wirft dem DJ Team einfach einen Geldschein aufs DJ-Pult. Der daraus entstehende "PULL UP" erzeugt nicht selten noch mehr Stimmung auf der Party.Mit einer Vielzahl an talentierten Artists und professionellen Tänzern liefert Jamaican Dancehall und seine Kultur einen ganz besonderen Soundtrack. Metropolen wie London, New York, Amsterdam und selbst Japan sind infiziert und es existieren überall auf der Erde Partys mit diesem einmaligen Musikerlebnis.Get our LIVE TAPES & ONLINE MIXES here:https://hearthis.at/mangotreesoundFollow us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/MangotreesoundFollow us on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/mangotree_sound