• No Tolerance For Intolerance - Hardcore/Punk Fest

  • Sa, 20.04.2019 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Archiv Potsdam
    Leipziger Straße 60
    14473 Potsdam
No Tolerance For Intolerance - Hardcore/Punk Fest - Archiv Potsdam - Potsdam

+++No Tolerance for Intolerance - HC/Punk Fest+++United against the growing right wing Scum!"We don't want to see racists, sexists or other idiots anymore. And sometimes we're just depressed about the total shit. We want to be a part of something positive, that beliefs in solidarity and freedom. Hardcore- and Punkshows need to be a place again, where people can be what ever they want, without feeling judged because of their looks, gender or sexuality. We want to see new cities, new venues and to meet new friends. It's all about to share time with other people, that believe in the same values as we do. Hardcore is all about passion and energy." - UnfadedHELEM - Tel Aviv / Israel - Hardcore PunkM.O.R.A. - Helsinki / Finnland - Female Fronted HardcoreMINDFALL - Potsdam - Hardcore P-Towns finestUNFADED - Göttingen - Hardcorehttps://helem.bandcamp.com/https://mora09hc.bandcamp.com/https://mindfallhc.bandcamp.com/https://unfaded.bandcamp.com/DOORS 20START 21