• Who cares?

  • Do, 25.04.2019 ab 10:00 Uhr
  • Play is Serious Business
    14471 Potsdam
Who cares? - Play is Serious Business - Potsdam

Clowning for Doctors and people in health care.Clown improvisation, which derives from theatre improvisation and the art of the court jester,invites you to research perception and emotional awareness, creativity and “knowledge in action”,self-acceptance and acceptance of others. In the spirit of the clown with the “smallest mask in the world” (Jacques Lecoq), participants can benefit from awareness of human interactions, reinforcepreviously learned communication skills, such as empathy, enhancing the doctor-patient/nurse-patient relationship. These skills can boost resilience. and encourage a creative, patient-centred styleof consulting and caring .Together Dr. David Wheeler and Angela Hopkins invite you to the world of Clown- playful days of fun, letting go and freeing up!