• Stockhaussen + Isotropía

  • Sa, 21.09.2019 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • sparte4
    Eisenbahnstraße 22
    66117 Saarbrücken
Stockhaussen + Isotropía - sparte4 - Saarbrücken

Einlass 20 UhrBeginn: 21 UhrEintritt: 12,00 / Nur Abendkasse------------------------------------------------------------STOCKHAUSSEN (MEX) (Minimal Cold-Synth-Wave)Stockhaussen is a music project based in México City, influenced by different music genres from Minimal Wave/Synth - to - Cold/Dark Wave, Post-Punk, among others, created by Angel Kauff.His personal musical influence is related to universe, the classical music & dark sounds. The origin of the name are inspired by German artists related to J. S. Bach (his primary influence), mixing two important references to Bach... Wolfgang Stockmeier, German composer/organist & Elias Gottlob Haussmann, German painter who has immortalized the portrait of the Baroque composer.ISOTROPÍA (MEX/GEO) (Dark-Post-Punk)Isotropia is a Post Punk band formed by Angel Kauff of Stockhaussen/ Frio y Vacio and Keren Batok Red Sol/ Psi . Collaboration between two artists began in 2016 from the song Void written for Stockhaussen's first album Cold Lines , since that they also worked for the track Parallel Locations and in 2017 decided to start independent project ,where Angel Kauff writes music ,while Keren Batok works on lyrics and vocals . Their debut album ( label Young and Cold Records / Germany ) Borderline Negation is conceptually based on the topic of Mental Disorders , Depressions , Hysteria , Psychosis , Psychotic episodes , Mental breakdowns , Anxiety - struggles which every individual has to face this way or the other during the life time . Album was released as a vinyl in Augut 2018 , also in October they have already started their work on the second LP - Spasms and had already released first official video : But, Are You The King? Angel and Keren have never met in real life , all of their works are done through the internet from the distance between Mexico and Georgia ( The Country ) . On the 3d year of collaborative work they are finally planning to tour the Europe in 2019!