• Erfolg in Serie: Outlander

  • Di, 03.12.2019 ab 19:30 Uhr
  • Kino 8 1/2
    Nauwieserstr. 19
    66111 Saarbrücken
Erfolg in Serie: Outlander - Kino 8 1/2 - Saarbrücken

A TV series based on bestselling novels by U.S. American author Diana Gabaldon, Outlander premiered on Starz in August 2014 and quickly won the hearts of the audience. To date, four seasons of Outlander have been released, with the fifth currently in production and the sixth already announced.The series is essentially a historical drama with elements of time travel and Scottish folk mysticism and centers on the adventures of its protagonist, Claire Randall. Claire, a British nurse, goes on a second honeymoon holiday with her husband in the Scottish Highlands in 1946 and is transported via the standing stones of Craig Na Dun near Inverness to 1743 Scotland. There she meets a young Highlander by the name of Jamie Fraser and eventually becomes entangled in the second Jacobite Uprising of 1745. As the series progresses, it takes spatial jumps between Scotland (and, occasionally, France), and the U.S. as well as temporal leaps between the eighteenth and the twentieth century.Apart from intense interpersonal drama spurred by the resulting relationships and involvements, Outlander also delves deep into historical topics that, among other aspects, link colonial aspirations and policies in Scotland and the United States. The discontinued chronology created through the narrative premise of time travel allows the show to explore these links in a complex manner, both through historical and interpersonal entanglements. This talk will explore these themes on the narrative and formal level, as well as provide a general introduction to the show.__________________________________________Erfolg in Serie geht bereits in die siebte Staffel!Auch dieses Jahr haben wir wieder ein interessantes und abwechslungsreiches Programm zusammengestellt. In sechs Folgen wird jeweils eine amerikanische Serie inklusive Filmbeispielen vorgestellt und anschließend diskutiert.Ort: Kino 8 1/2Beginn:19:30Das Programm von Staffel VII:22.10.2019 – Simon Brown (Kingston University London): Supernatural29.10.2019 – Heike Mißler (UdS): Crazy Ex-Girlfriend12.11.2019 – Eugen Kontschenko (UdS): Stranger Things19.11.2019 – Danielle Kopf-Giammanco (UdS): The Case Against Adnan Syed26.11.2019 – Latifah Cengel (UdS): Seven Seconds03.12.2019 – Svetlana Seibel (UdS): Outlander