• Special am Sonntag Live - Henry no hurry

  • So, 10.12.2017 ab 21:00 Uhr
  • Cafe Galao
    Tübinger Strasse 90
    70178 Stuttgart
Special am Sonntag Live - Henry no hurry - Cafe Galao - Stuttgart

Special am Sonntag HENRY NO HURRY


Henry No Harry! is a one man project led by Wawrzyniec Jan Dąbrowski (Letters From Silence, Henry David's GUN, Nocny SuperSam), also known as Henry David.

One car, a few instruments. No rush, no expectations On his own and with his eccentricities. Once Henry, once Harry. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

The project is - half musical, half travel – like, and a bit literary. A mobile concert studio visiting small and cozy places with a small audience.

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