• Stutt:أرض präsentiert Balout Krew فريق البلوط

  • Sa, 14.03.2020 ab 22:30 Uhr
  • Weltcafe Stuttgart
    Charlottenplatz 17
    70173 Stuttgart
Stutt:أرض präsentiert Balout Krew فريق البلوط - Weltcafe Stuttgart - Stuttgart

Wir freuen uns auf die Balout Krew فريق البلوط und euch, tanzend im Weltcafé.جماعتنا في شتوتغارت وضواحيها، يلا خبروا اصحابكم وتعالوا شاركونا ب ١٤ آذار ... بنستناكم 🙌🏽https://www.facebook.com/BaloutSound/https://soundcloud.com/orient%E2%80%A6/ya-habayeb-hebboune-club-edit"Once upon a time a Palestinian met a Bavarian at a party and discovered they shared a taste in music. This taste covered countless genres, instruments and time periods, but was unified by a fascination with Arab rhythms and the mijwiz, an Arab flute.Our sets balance our musical histories and the one sound we want to hear on the dance floor. Balout Krew takes the dance floor on a journey from the Alps to a Berlin techno rave to a single man playing a concert in the Tunisian Sahara. We’re about destroying boundaries and accepting pluralism. But this is not something that any one person can do, so we ask all of you to join our crew of supporters and dancers and we can combine all our efforts to have an unbelievable party.“