• YYARD w/ Tamaa

  • Sa, 08.12.2018 ab 23:01 Uhr
    Schloßbleiche / Wirmhof
    42103 Wuppertal
YYARD w/ Tamaa - MAUKE - Wuppertal

"Hell is empty. All the devils are here."🌐 Tamaa ( Malam / Schumacher Club)🌐 RIA (MA1 / LOCH)🌐 Martin Stürtzer LIVE 🌐 Facito (YYARD / Vogel & Frei)Lukas aka Tamaa is a passionate digger of different kinds of house music. He is resident dj and Booker of Schumacher Club located in Bochum, which slighty becomes one of the most important institutions for electronic subculture in its region of germany.His sound is a diverse mixture between contemporary house music, older italo and funk records a long side more ravy stuff. With his event series Malam he already invited international guests like Session victim, Fantastic Man or Massimiliano Pagliara. Tamaas skills perfectly represents how helpful a monthly residency in a nightclub surrounded by likeminded people can be to become a talented DJ.HOUSE / TECHNO / FRUITSMAUKESCHLOSSBLEICHE42103 WUPPERTAL